Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

On May 5 everyone in the world gets a headache. It passes quickly, leaving people with another's memories. Six billion people suddenly recall two first kisses, two names, addresses, entire lives. The exchange has been mutual. You have someone else's memories, and they have yours. Which is fine for some people - some memories are great. For others, though . . . there are people who will kill to keep secrets.

The reviews are in:

" . . . a gateway novel, one that can be used to introduce readers to sf. It's a quick, easy and thought-provoking read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cinco de Mayo is not just a good book, it's a book worth reading."

SFF Chronicles

"Martineck uses Cinco de Mayo to put forth an fantastic idea and makes you believe it could happen. He uses fantasy, but places it in the real world with real people as protagonists. Thrills and insight abound as the characters try to decide whether they have become victims, or have been blessed."

Innsmouth Free Press

"His writing flows naturally, his characters speak as if they were real people, and his setting seems so real that I wouldn't be surprised to find it on a normal, everyday roadmap. I wound up being firmly convinced that this place, these people, are real and living just out of sight, somewhere." -

Dan L. Hollifield

"I wanted so much more! Worth the read and I can't wait to read more from this author."


"Well-written, this novel holds the interest of the reader and is definitely not a Space Opera or something set in the distant future. Instead, it's a series of small, human stories set in today's world that has been turned upside down." - Ronald Hore, Manitoba Library Assoc.

CM Magazine

"Here's hoping for more stories or books set after the events of Cinco de Mayo. It's definitely an idea and a world I'd love to revisit."

October Country

"I enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Science Fiction that doesn't delve too deeply into the science but focuses on the characters."

Irreverent Muse

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Cinco de Mayo

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